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Policies and Procedures: How to Schedule an Appointment and What to Expect

I no longer do couple’s massages. I will honor your couple’s massage voucher by seeing you separately. Alternately, you may contact Groupon for a refund or to exchange the voucher.

If your appointment doesn’t get approved right away, do not fret. I approve or decline appointments the week before on Wednesdays.

Payment: A debit or credit card is required to secure your appointment. This is not negotiable (even if you have prepaid, have a voucher, or have a gift certificate).

Cancellations and no/shows: Your card will not be charged unless you do not show up for your appointment or you cancel within 24 hours. No call no shows will be charged the full amount of the service. If you purchased a voucher through a third party like Groupon or Living Social and do not show up, your card will be charged the full price of the appointment one week after the date of the scheduled appointment. You must contact the third party from which you purchased the voucher (Groupon or Living Social) in order to get a refund for the voucher. You will be charged a $25 fee for cancelling within 24 hours.

Outcall (in your home appointments): Please contact me directly via text message (850-293-3578) if you wish to have an in-home session. Rates vary depending on the distance I must travel. I charge 50 cents per mile there and back between my studio and your location.


Third party vouchers: If you have not yet purchased the Groupon or living social voucher, please don’t. I will give you a discount so that you pay me directly what you would pay Groupon. If you have already purchased the voucher, it will be honored. I do not accept vouchers before 10am or after 8pm. Groupon vouchers are for new clients only. If you are an existing client, even if you have only seen me once, and purchase a voucher, it will not be honored. Groupon can give you a refund. If you would like to take advantage of my discounts, please visit the discounts page.


Cancellation Policy: With the exception of emergencies, please give a 24-hour notice, if you must cancel. Failure to give notice will result in a $25 fee. One no call/no show may result in the forfeiture of future scheduling privileges. If you do not show up, your card will be charged the full price of the service even if you have a Groupon voucher (contact Groupon for a refund).


Draping and Dress: Some clients prefer to be nude; others keep on their underwear during the session. I do not have a preference. You should choose whatever you will be most comfortable with. I will never shame or judge you. We are all on our own self-care journeys. I practice industry standard draping.


Oils Used: I primarily use coconut oil. If you have another oil or lotion you prefer, please bring it and I will gladly use it. 


Music: I will play music that I enjoy during our session (piano music, indie folk, and soft postrock music). If you prefer a different style of music, I am happy to oblige.


Modalities: I don’t do “deep” or “Swedish” massages. Those terms mean different things to everyone. I will use my experience, intuition, and the information you give me to provide the best massage experience for you.


Self-Care: Stretch, drink water, and move your body! Regular massage is a wonderful way to take care of your body, but it must be coupled with responsible exercise and food/fluid intake. I will often recommend certain stretches and exercises, but please talk to your doctor before attempting them.


Tipping and Payment: Tipping is standard in the massage industry. I accept cash (preferred), all credit cards, and checks for payments and tips. %15 of the full regular price is customary for good service. %20 or higher for exceptional service. My prices are never up for negotiation or haggling. If you would like to see me at a discounted rate, please take advantage of my packages and monthly subscriptions.


Hair: Shave or don't shave, it doesn't matter to me! If you have long hair, please put it up or in a ponytail while you are face down so that it does not get in the way of your shoulders and neck. You may take it down once you turn over to your back.


Refusal of Service: I have the right to refuse service before, during, or after your treatment for any reason without a refund.


Odds and Ends:

Please remove all jewelry with the exception of small earrings.


It is common for a massage therapist to not talk much during the massage. It is my goal to do the best job I can do for you undistracted. However, if you wish to chat, I will!


At the end of the massage please get dressed and meet me in the main room where we will schedule your next visit and take care of the payment.


If at any time during the session you feel uncomfortable, please make me aware immediately.


There is a shower at the massage suite you can use before or after our session should you choose to. Please let me know prior to your appointment if you wish to utilize the shower.


Please practice common hygiene prior to your appointment. 


Please do not wear heavy perfumes or scents as I am highly sensitive to such things.

Thank you!

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